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Self-Awareness of the Triple Existence

a guided experience


by William McGaughey



At this moment, you are alive and thinking. Think along the lines of the Triple Existence. Follow these questions and answer them.


(1) Where are you in time and space?

(a) What time is it?

Think of the year, the month, the day, the hour, and even the minute when you are asking yourself this question. State the answer to the question out loud.

(b) Where are you in space?

You are on the surface of planet earth, in the solar system, and in the Milky Way galaxy. Beyond that, where are you located on earth? Identify the continent and the name of the nation or political entity where you now are. If applicable, give the name of the city or town. Give the post-office or mailing address. If you are in a building, identify the room or part of the building where you are at this moment. Are you sitting on a particular piece of furniture? Is there anything else that you would care to say about your present location?


(2) Who are you as a person?

(a) What is your name?

(b) What is the language that you customarily speak?

(c) What is your age?

(d) What is your gender or sex?

(e) What is your race, ethnicity, or nationality? If a mixture of several identities, name some of them.

(f) If you reside within a family, what is your role in the family?

g) State whether you are a student at an educational institution or are gainfully employed. If so, give the institutional affiliation.


(3) With respect to the Triple Existence, state affirmatively

(a) that your body is comprised of materials commonly found on earth,

(b) that you are a living creature and, specifically, a representative of homo sapiens (humanity), and

(c) that at this very moment you are thinking about who you are.

In that activity and capacity, you are self-aware. You are immersed in the Triple Existence. You belong to all three realms of existence.


(4) Now, in your own words, proclaim that the type of existence that you are experiencing at this moment will not last.

As a living creature, you will eventually die. As a sentient being, all the thoughts you have in life will end with death. How do you react to the idea of your eventual non-existence regarding the state of awareness that you now experience?


(5) But you are not yet dead.

Is there anything else that you wish to say about yourself in your present situation?


Once you have answered these questions, you are done with the exercise. For a brief moment, you have had certain thoughts about yourself and your identity in a common experience with others who have undergone the same exercise. You have experienced a specific self-awareness at a particular time.


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